St Luke's Laundry

St Lukes Laundry

Client: St Lukes Laundry
Location: Boise, ID

The laundry features the latest in high-tech laundry equipment, which will allow for the process to be almost fully automated. The laundry will more than double the current capacity of the existing laundry, and because of its advanced design will offer significant savings on utility and water costs.
As an example, the existing laundry processes approximately 7.3 million pounds of laundry a year. For each pound of laundry it currently takes 2.5 gallons of water, but in the new laundry a pound of laundry will only require .35 gallons of water – a nearly 90 percent reduction in water usage. Those savings, coupled with high-efficiency equipment, are expected to save the laundry $326, 000 a year in utility costs.